Hi, my name is Marie. Have fun looking through my blog!
❋Art, art, and more art---Hopefully I can be a successful animator in the future❋

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I make mochi and dango...

30 Day Gintama Challenge Day 3 : Favorite Opening Tougenkyou Alien

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"When I was younger, the sky seemed so much closer."

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残響のテロル | Terror In Tokyo
PV 2

"Because people don’t have wings…We look for ways to fly.”

                             He’s smiling…


" You’re a big brother now.
You have to protect him. 
You must love him. “

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E | M | A
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Through Twitter, I found out there are a lot of fans with strong love for HxH all over the world. Then, I learned the happiness to draw, not only for myself, but for someone. With all my gratitude for that, I drew the frames for this episode.


Hope you enjoy it.  [x]

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